You can stop all of your old TM1 Track porting projects. Just download our tool and convert them in a glance.

This tool can convert all maps from TrackMania Original, TrackMania Sunrise, TrackMania United and TrackMania United Forever.

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TMOne Speed v2

Rediscover your old tracks

You know well how your maps look. Despite your great scenery, the flat shadows and the dull lights have become boring with time passing by. It's more than time to rediscover them on the newest ManiaPlanet engine, with deep shadows and wonderful sunlight.

TMOne Alpine v2

Ease the creation process

The TMOne map converter allows you to use TMUF's map editor, to ease the map creation process, avoiding you to touch items. We all know placing each part of the mountains and every single pillar isn't the funniest thing to do.

TMOne Speed v2

Spice up your old tracks

Using the TMOne map converter will allow you to access to the brand new blocks, allowing you to add to your maps: new transitions, bumpers, tunnel tubes, and more...


  • Having Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
  • Owning TrackMania¬≤ Valley
  • The latest versions of TrackMania One environments

Set up

  1. Download the converter.
  2. No installation is needed. Put the downloaded software where you want it to be, but leave all files in one folder.
  3. You are ready to convert all your maps!

Quick start

  1. Start the program and select your favorite Snow maps from TM United.
  2. Move the converted maps to your ManiaPlanet folder.
  3. Compute the shadows for all the converted maps